Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where am I? And why do I have a delightful feeling welling up inside as I read every word on this webpage?

Hi! You may have just discovered that this blog exists, and find yourself asking, "what is this?", and "where am I?" If so, fear not! I shall explain in quickly in great detail why this blog exists.

-Why this blog exists: I felt like it.

What? That's not enough information you say? Well, allow me to waste more of your valuable time by making a simple explanation longer than it has to be!
I am a music major. In college. It has been suggested that I start a blog and record my thoughts and experiences regarding being a music major in college. That is what this blog is for. Here you will find anecdotes and opinions in regards to everything related to me, school, and music.
Q: "What about that other blog you started?"
A: Well, I haven't really kept up with that blog. Besides, I always felt like it was just a repository for all of my negative emotions, and rantings about things I have strong opinions on, yet know very little about. In this blog, I hope to capture a lighter side of my personality. Maybe even, you know, write something worth reading.
Q: "Are you implying that your other blog isn't worth reading?"
A: I don't really think it is. I was just going to delete the thing, but decided against it. You can go and read it if you really want, but I wouldn't recommend it. In fact, no you shouldn't bother. It's not as fun as reading this blog. Just forget I ever had that blog. What blog? What am I talking about? I never had another blog.
Q: "I thought musical people were supposed to be artsy and creative, and left wing n' stuff. Why come aren't you? And why is your blog gray?"
A: Just because I'm not left wing and artsy, doesn't mean I'm not creative. And my blog is gray because that is a color that conveys creativity. For real.
That's it. Keep it clean, or I'll delete your comments, yada yada yada. Enjoy!

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