Sunday, October 3, 2010

Personal differences

I made an observation today. I think that sometimes people might think that being in a large ensemble and being in a band are very similar. But I think they're wrong.
When you're playing in an orchestra or a large ensemble, there could be someone in the band that you don't like, or don't get along with. And there probably will be. You wouldn't quit the band just because you don't like one person would you? Also, in a large ensemble, there's usually a director who calls all the shots. They decide on the repretoire, they decide on how the group should sound, and they hire or fire members.
In a band, there is no director. Sometimes there is one member who calls the shots, but usually their role is much more limited than a band or choir director's. If you've got a problem with the singer or the drummer, it could lead to serious problems. This makes your personal relationships with the people in the band much more important, and I think, makes you much closer on a personal rather than professional basis.
It stands to reason then, that one should be very careful about who one plays with in small groups.
I just thought this was an interesting way to look at it. A new perspective for me.

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